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Data: REACCHPNA Biotics - Wheat PanTraps 2013

University of Idaho

    Data are weekly catches of flying aphids at each location during each year of the study. At each location, the count is the total of three traps that were positioned along a field edge. A trap consisted of a yellow plastic plate, mounted 20cm...

    Data: REACCHPNA Biotics - Plant Elisa 2009

    University of Idaho

      This file shows results of Enzyme linked immunosorbent assays for the presence of two viruses: Pea enation mosaic virus and Bean leaf roll virus, in pea plants sampled from fields across the Palouse region during the sampled years. This...

      Data: REACCHPNA Biotics - Root Lesion Nematode 2010

      University of Idaho

        Data: REACCHPNA Biotics - Root Lesion Nematode 2010 Soil sample collection. Two field surveys for P. neglectus, P. thornei and H. avenae were conducted by collecting soil samples from Washington State University Extension Cereal Variety Trials...

        Data: REACCHPNA Biotics - Rhizoctonia

        University of Idaho

          This is the main file that contains the data. The other file Rhizoc survey VT-GF_Corr5_logfg_no0s was an earlier version. The file GF-VT_JMP_timreformatted contains the GPS locations for the site in Col H and I. The other files in the folder are...