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Data: REACCHPNA LCA - Historical Grain-Fallow, Winter Wheat

University of Idaho

    All historical data are based on average of 31 years in historical (baseline) period from 1979 to 2010. All the data under future folder are based on average of 31 years in future period from 2055 to 2085 which is presented as 2070s. Also we used...

    Data: REACCHPNA Biotics - Pea Aphid PanTraps 2008

    University of Idaho

      to document the spatial and temporal arrival of pea aphids (Acyrthosiphon pisum) into the Palouse region as an aid to understanding pest and virus risks in legume crops. The data can be related to weather patterns and geographic and land use...

      Data: REACCHPNA Crops - Ritzville 2012

      University of Idaho

        This long-term cropping systems study seeks to evaluate annual and/or diversified crop rotations in what is traditionally a winter-wheat summer fallow system. Located in Ritzville, Washington, with an annual rainfall of 11 inches. Pre- and...