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The EPSCoR MILES program builds Idaho's capacity to study complex social-ecological processes, especially those associated with water demand and valuation of ecosystem services. This research characterizes patterns and identifies social drivers of urban growth and ecological change, including valuable ecosystem services.

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Farmers in Southeastern Idaho and Ecosystem Services

Ecosystem Services and Idaho’s Farmers - The purpose of this research is to examine how farmers in southeastern Idaho use and value ecosystem services. This project involved interviewing a sample of thirty farmers in southeastern Idaho about their perceptions regarding the availability and consistency of ecosystem services, including whether they have noticed any changes to their local environments in recent years. It is one dataset collected over the course of a three-month period (June – August 2015). The final data-set is published in .pdf format. The data are thirty transcribed verbatim interviews. In general, this project was designed to provide answers to one of MILES’ overarching research questions: How do human communities respond to changes in ecosystem services? Farmers are arguably one of the most important stakeholder groups when it comes to managing ecosystem services in not only our region, but on a worldwide scale. As such, the main purposes of the research was to understand how environmental change and changing ecosystem service availability affect farming activities in southeastern Idaho, what Idaho’s farmers are doing to adapt to these changes, and what farmers see as their biggest challenges in the future. This project will also evaluate farmers’ attitudes about a number of specific environment-related issues, including climate change and the use of GMO's in agriculture.
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POLYGON ((-114.10400390625 41.9545883328, -114.10400390625 44.796649591192, -110.85205078125 44.796649591192, -110.85205078125 41.9545883328))
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Idaho, USA
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Monday, June 1, 2015 - 00:00 to Monday, August 31, 2015 - 00:00
English (United States)
Dr. Katrina Running
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Dr. Katrina Running
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