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    Last updated: 03/04/2019

    Data: REACCHPNA LCA - Historical Annual Cropping, Spring Wheat

    University of Idaho

      All historical data are based on average of 31 years in historical (baseline) period from 1979 to 2010. All the data under future folder are based on average of 31 years in future period from 2055 to 2085 which is presented as 2070s. Also we used...

      Data: REACCHPNA Crops - Ralston 2012

      University of Idaho

        Research at the Ralston project from 2012-2016 focused on integration of a novel cereal (winter triticale) in the winter wheat-fallow rotation, with chemical fallow management. Winter triticale and a full-height winter wheat were grown for their...

        Data: REACCHPNA Modeling: CMIP5 MACAv2-METDATA Catalog

        University of Idaho

          The MACA dataset is a spatially and temporally complete, high-resolution (1/24th degree ~4-km) gridded dataset of downscaled climate projections of surface meteorological variables (temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind, radiation) for the...