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    Last updated: 03/04/2019

    Data: REACCHPNA Biotics - Furasium

    University of Idaho

      Rows- locations where Fusarium pseudograminearum and F. culmorum were sampled Col B- location description Col C- Agronomic zone that location falls into, based on paper of Douglas (cited in article) Col D- 2 year mean of crown rot score (0-10)....

      Data: REACCHPNA Models - Major Resource Land Areas 2006

      University of Idaho

        The United States, Caribbean and Pacific Basin Major Land Resource Areas (MLRA) Geographic Database serves as the geospatial expression of the map products presented and described in Agricultural Handbook 296 (2006). Land resource categories...

        Data: REACCHPNA Crops - Ritzville 2014

        University of Idaho

          This long-term cropping systems study seeks to evaluate annual and/or diversified crop rotations in what is traditionally a winter-wheat summer fallow system. Located in Ritzville, Washington, with an annual rainfall of 11 inches. Pre- and...